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About Ninebark

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Ninebark Garden

Designs by Kyle Marie Summers

I started this adventure after 15 years of working in gardens all over Portland, Oregon. I've consulted, designed, pruned, raked, mulched, and planted thousands of plants at residences and schools across the east side. While  actively working on garden projects, my interest in ecology and horticulture has led me to classes and mentors that have broadened my skillsets.

Ninebark is a culmination of my background in Fine Art, Life Science and Entrepreneurship. I also love people and really enjoy working with my clients. I have had friends become clients and clients become friends. I feel very lucky. 

I  have strong values when it comes to my style of garden design and I tend to work with folks who share  them.  I'm happy to see the rise in popularity of pollinator gardens, rain gardens and incorporating many native plants - such as our Pacific Ninebark!


Working with nature to establish beautiful yards and gardens is the way I like to go. To me, this means pruning shrubs to allow for their natural shape and building up healthy soil by adding other materials such as leaves or organic mulch.  It also means choosing plants that don't require additional irrigation once they are established (except maybe before/during our summer heat domes).  To me, finding ways to divert your roof rain water into your garden and away from your basement is also extremely important.


I enjoy creating gardens with a variety of plants to create vertical layers. This helps minimize weeds, assists in retaining soil moisture through shade, and with thoughtful design comes tremendous beauty. This style of naturalistic planting can easily create food and habitat for wildlife as well as an immersive experience for our senses. 

I look forward to hearing from you and discovering what you are envisioning!


Create your dream garden.

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